Ceramic NanoCoteTM

NanoCote™ coatings may look like paint however operate on a much higher level. Our coatings have the ability to kill and continuously prevent dangerous bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi from forming on surfaces.The advanced material ruptures the microbial cells and prevents them from further developing; reducing healthcare threats 24 hours a day. NanoCote is perfect for virtually every public and private surface. It can be applied on interior and exterior ceilings, walls, doors, trims and other ‘many touch’ surfaces and materials, including stainless steel and plastic.

22 Colors

Available in 22 colors, NanoCote™ is the perfect primer or topcoat on new or existing sheetrock, wood, glass, plastic, concrete or steel projects (including CUI in industrial applications). NanoCote™ helps seal the envelope of any structure whether residential, commercial, interior or exterior, with a 0-Flame spread.

Our Colors

Clear NanoCoteTM

Slightly higher antimicrobial benefits than the Ceramic NanoCote™ coating, and produced in a clear form. This product is perfect for ‘invisible’ coatings in healthcare facilities, nursing homes, schools, hotels, greenhouses, cruise ships, shopping centers, office buildings, health clubs, and just about any other public or private surface. The main difference between our Products and the antimicrobial products currently on the market, is our Product line continues to kill bacteria, viruses, and the like AFTER IT DRIES.

Effective Coating

Microbicidal Benefits for Health and Wellness.

Reducing the spread of bacteria that cause human illness has become a critically important health challenge. Bacteria commonly collect on walls, doors, handles, floors, equipment and virtually every touch surface. NanoCote™ kills greater than 99% of pathogenic organisms within two hours of exposure on painted surfaces including MRSA, CRE, Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria, Campylobacter and Staph. It also kills viruses and rids surfaces of fungi preventing yeast, mold, and mildew formations. (A clear coat of antimicrobial coating is available for jobs that do not call for the benefits of ceramics).

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